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A large range of machinery is available with capacity for anilox and gravure rolls from 25mm face to 6 meters in length. In addition engraving facilities are supported by superfinish equipment enabling MET to produce anilox and gravure rolls of superior quality.

We have in house tooling facilities for the production of embossing, screen dies and subsequent mill manufacture. Also, we have on hand a range of engraving machinery providing capacity to engrave anilox/gravure rolls up to 7m in length and 965mm diameter. We can lift rolls up to 10 tonnes.

We have "state of the art" Superfinish / Microfinishing polishing systems. Using this system in conjunction with our engraving "Know how" enables MET to produce anilox/gravure rolls of superior quality.

We employ a team of time served tool makers and engravers to ensure all anilox a gravure rollers are of the high standard required in today’s market place.

Throughout the engraving and finishing process scanning equipment is used to monitor cell dimensions and surface finish.

MET offers its customers support in exploring ways of improving existing and researching new and better engraved finishes.

Mount Engraving Tools Ltd has been in operation since 1979 servicing a multitude of industrial sectors. Through the acquisition of Mount Engraving Co & more recently Anflex Engraving Ltd. MET is now established as the Largest UK based engraver specialising in the production of mechanically engraved chrome anilox and gravure cylinders.