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Copper and Nickel plated roller
Copper & Nickel Plating

We have our own in house copper plating facility, this allows us to be able to meet our customer needs at short notice for emergencies. We are able to copper rolls just over 4m in length and just under .5m diameter. We are also able to have rolls nickelplated from an outside source for engraving.

Engraved Cylinder
Engraved Cylinders

We are able to engrave cylinders up to 5 tonne in weight and 6 meters in length with a diameter of 600mm. We have an extensive range of tooling available to cover most requirements.

Chromeplated Cylinder

We are able to superfinish rolls of lengths up to 5 meters, this is generally done on specialist type engravings and we have 3 machines equipt to do this.

Superfinishing polishing

All our rolls are chromed plated in bright chrome with a hardness of 1050 vickers, we out source this to a company we have used for around 40 years.

Steel roller
Roll Manufacturer / Repairs

Although we dont manufacture cylinders in house, we do have access to a high quality manufacturer who we have used in excess of 30 years.

We also provide these additional services:

Roll Grinding

Refurbishment and or new metering/doctor rolls

Roll rubber covering

Import/export services

MET are Engravers of Anilox, Gravure Coating and Applicator rollers for a wide range of industries throughout the globe. Some of the markets serviced by MET include: Film Coating, Packaging (Inline film coating, printing, glue application), Decorative Tin Coating, Technical Textiles, Leather Finishing, Corrugated Industry, Tissue Industry